“I first met Glen in 1999 when he joined the desktop support team at McREL International. Almost immediately he moved into the organization’s lead IT position as Director of Technology. As Executive Vice President, I was responsible for providing oversight and guidance to the technology department. When our Director of Technology resigned, I quickly developed and posted a job description to fill the vacancy. Late one afternoon with the posting in hand, Glen came to my office to make a case for making him the new IT Director, even though he had only been with us a few months. Impressed with his passion and confidence, I finally agreed to put him in the lead role on a temporary basis with the understanding that we would reexamine that arrangement after 6 months. I supervised Glen, our new Director of Technology, over the next 12 years. The technology team was charged with supporting the equipment and training needs of our administrative, research, and service staff, as well as meeting the technology requirements of our contracts with federal and state education agencies. Glen never disappointed. He and his team kept the organization abreast of the latest developments in technology and continually helped the staff apply them appropriately in the field. Glen is a true lifelong learner. He is a pleasure to work with and is adept at balancing the needs of an organization with the needs of its individual staff members. He is a good listener who makes him a great problem-solver who understands the importance of timelines and deadlines. Glen led the technology team by example, and with confidence and fairness, he created a well-rounded team that worked together to achieve timely results. Now, five years after both of us have moved on from McREL, Glen and I continue to meet up a few times a year to catch up a bit. The conversation always turns to emerging technologies and the latest trends and I still find myself seeking his technology advice and insights. Once again Glen never disappoints!”

Lou Cicchinelli, Ph.D.

Executive Vice President, McREL

"I have had the pleasure of working with Mr. Glen Taylor for five years on the executive team at Accurence, Inc. Glen brought a great dynamic to the organization based on his rich background in teaching, coaching, learning, and just having fun all while performing at high levels leading the IT department. Accurence was in a high growth mode and the team Glen assembled helped exceed expectations based on balancing budget and growth without constant churn in the IT systems of the company. Glen continues to do excellent work at Next Gear Solutions (post transaction), leading an IT team and specializing in IT security. Over the years, the company has received numerous compliments from Fortune 500 customers we service on how pleasant and efficient Glen is to work with during rigorous audits, policy review, and best practices to help secure their data and systems. He has a knack for balancing out multiple perspectives to arrive at a positive outcome for all parties involved. I would gladly work with Glen again and find myself lucky to have crossed paths both personally and professionally and I am reminded of that weekly as I apply tactics and theories that I learned from him."

Jake Labrie

President of Carrier Business Unit, Next Gear | President & Founder of Accurence, Inc.

"Glen was by far the best IT Security VP I know. Been working for 35 years in sales and operations. Seen the tech industry and fortune 500 change from no IT, to IT support to IT security. Multiple transitions. Normally the IT side of the business was a bottleneck and sometimes deal killers. Not with Glen running the ship. This guy was the best troubleshooter and most proactive person I know. No one comes close to Glen as far as his sense of urgency, can do attitude, if he didn't have the answer; he'd go find it, make it happen, communication skills, resolve the problems now, no time to sleep attitude, and a super man and very personable. We are super blessed to have Glen on our team and supporting our business. Wherever I go, I'd hire Glen in a minute. Highly, highly recommend Glen."

Pat Gamido

Vice President, Sales

"Glen is by far the most influential leader I have ever had the privilege to work with. I worked with him for almost 3 years at Accurence, and from day one his priority was to ensure my success. This was achieved by ensuring I had the opportunities, training, and materials required to improve and expand my skills to benefit the company as well as myself both now and in the future. Beyond that, he possesses a deep technical knowledge and is always elbow deep in the latest technologies. His desire to stay current benefitted the team on countless occasions, and lead to many improved processes and technologies being implemented. His professionalism, determination, positive attitude, and thirst for knowledge will benefit any organization that has the chance to work with him. I look forward to staying in touch with Glen and consider him a lifelong friend and mentor."

Andy Shaffer

Sr. Systems Engineer

"I have worked with Glen for almost a year now and he demonstrates reliability, enthusiasm, initiative, creativity and is definitely a pleasure to work with. He is always willing to accept new challenges and projects without hesitation. Definitely a team player and a respectable leader with a high level of expertise in a variety of fields. We are lucky to have him on our team!"

Sara Maffey

Office Manager

"While I only worked with Glen for a short time, I found him to be very knowledgeable as well as eager to learn new things. He was always very professional. He was easy to approach and speak to. Glen would be a great asset to any company."

Jason Haffey

Software Developer

"Glen Taylor is an exceptional IT Executive who makes prudent decisions based on current and future needs as well as current technologies and future possibilities. I would recommend Glen for any Executive IT role in any organization or field. He is a professional’s professional."

Jerome Harnden

Sales Manager

"If you take even a few minutes with Glen it will become evident he is knowledgeable and practiced professional offering a variety of experiences that can contribute to the success of a team and an organization. He is extremely self-reliant and committed once he has identified courses of action that promises organizational and personal success."

Tony Davis, Ph.D.

Owner at TDL Consulting LLC

"Glen is the best kind of colleague to have around because he is always ready to help; best of all, he loves to discuss big ideas that really matter and most importantly, think about solutions. His technical knowledge and capabilities as a manager of our IT department have led us through several transformations that have made working virtually much easier."

Heather Hoak

Senior Consultant

"Glen had a key central role in the organization - we depended on him to guide us as technology use increased in volume and complexity for a diverse company that held contracts with both governmental and private entities as well as developing products of our own dependent on customized technology. Glen regularly and coherently presented the complex plans that would guide our next major investments in technology."

Zoe Barley, Ph.D.

Vice President of Research and Evaluation

"It has been over 16 years of my working relationship with Glen. He continues to bring to the attention of management and co-workers solutions that are sustainable for years to come. Technology never remains the same and Glen is mindful of this and he strives to stay informed. He has assisted our Business Services team whenever there has been an upgrade in our system. In the past, he has developed a relationship with our government accounting program vendor to get a better understanding of their system for proper connections with our office equipment. His management skills are firm but amicable to his staff. His demeanor is always professional and he recognizes the good in individuals who work for him."

Ollie Smith


"Glen is a valuable team member for many reasons however one of his gifts is that he has the ability to think differently, to get outside of the box that constrains solutions. He has the capacity to suspend judgment while listening to others' ideas, as well as accept new ways of doing things that someone else thought of. His openness builds mutual respect and trust between his colleagues and inspires people to want to follow him."

Courtney Graham

Vice President, People Operations

"I have worked with Glen on some projects directly. On the Capacity Building Team at McREL, mini-retreat team, and on the Project Management team. My observation of Glen has been that he is very passionate about his role at work. He has excellent people skills, is able to give a high-level perspective to the projects in an honest way and is a pleasure to work with."

Sara Gopalani

Research Associate

"It is a privilege and fun to work for Glen. He is always available for guidance and leadership that enables me to build my skills in my capacity. He is a type of supervisor who recognizes accomplishments and challenges his subordinates to do more. Glen is highly intelligent, has good analytical and communication skills and is very hard working."

Farid Khan

Software Engineer

"Glen is a very competent and knowledgeable, professional who works well with staff and makes complex issues accessible to them. I recommend him highly."

Brian McNulty, Ph.D.

Vice President of Field Services

"Glen has been an exceptional IT Manager. He has coordinated highly complex technical organizational needs and always manages with leadership."

Chris Chodnicki

CTO, R2integrated, LLC