IT Governance

Proven record of ensuring Information Technology decisions lead to business value through the alignment of business and technology long-term strategies and excellence in execution of short and medium-term plans.

Technology Leadership

Leverage technologies to solve complex business challenges by designing and implementing outstanding information systems. Deliver business value by assembling highly functional technology teams producing excellent information technology services.


Project Management Professional

Compliance & Risk

Ensure the company’s activities are within the guidelines, regulations, and ethical expectations of their field. Monitor business operations and reporting infractions, reviewing company policies for risks and liabilities, and researching legal requirements for new initiatives. Develop risk management strategies and control systems to address cases of violations of company policies and processes.


Work closely with leadership and key stakeholders to advance best practices in the organization's cyber mission and security posture. Successful in passing security requirements for 8 of the top 10 insurance carriers.

Web Servers

Nginx, Microsoft IIS, Apache


Web development, particularly PHP, has been an avocation in recent years.  I enjoy keeping my web skills sharp and feel fortunate that there are excellent sources that allow me to continue to grow.  Here are a few of the individuals I follow to stay abreast of topics in web development: Brad Traversy | Florin Pop | Wes Bos | Scott Tolinski | Kyle Cook | Reece Kenney | Kevin Powell


Experience in CSS web design concepts. Well-versed in CSS development including Sass. Also, knowledgeable in frameworks like Bootstrap,  Materialize, and Tailwind   Check out some of my web projects.


Started web development in 1993. I enjoy it as a vocation and an avocation. One of my favorite recent projects is my Admonition Creator.  Recently I completed the Responsive Web Design Course from freeCodeCamp.


5+ years of experience developing web application front ends using Vanilla JavaScript (ECMAScript 2015/ES6).


Oracle Certified Professional - MySQL 5 Database Administrator


Expertise in Debian-based Linux, specifically Ubuntu.  Experienced with implementing Ubuntu servers along with LXD containers within Ubuntu.


An early adopter of hypervisor technologies in the data center.  Deployed VMWare hypervisor in production in 2004 as part of a major company relocation effort. 15+ years implementing virtualization technologies.

Windows Server

22+ years of experience configuring, deploying, administering, and troubleshooting Microsoft Windows Server.  Windows NT4 through Windows Server 2019.

SQL Server

Experience working with Microsoft SQL Server since version 7.  Skilled at database server administration including installation, configuration, and maintenance.