Based in Colorado

with a nationwide reach

Accurence was a privately held company that was headquartered near the Rocky Mountains, in Louisville, Colorado. Founded in 2010 by experts—with a combined 60 years of industry experience—in high-growth start-ups, property insurance, disaster restoration, and building sciences.  The organization had extensive relationships with many of the nation’s premier insurance carriers and is proud to work with industry service providers big and small. In September of 2019 Accurence was acquired by Next Gear Solutions. Before being acquired Accurence, was the industry leader in automated guideline management that bridges the gap between insurance carriers, independent adjusters, and roofing contractors. The software suites Accurence created (SettleAssist, ScopeAssist, RoofCheck, QualityAssist) included desktop and mobile applications designed to speed the process of getting homeowners back to good after severe weather-related events such as wind, hail, water incursion, hurricanes, and floods.Accurence headquarters

Accurence obtained four patents had another seven pending. Their solutions applied proprietary technological solutions that expedited, simplified and increased the accuracy of the insurance claims process for all parties—carriers, adjusters, contractors, vendors, and homeowners.

By intelligently applying state-specific rules with an individual insurance carrier’s guidelines, the Accurence software helped contractors and adjusters confidently assess home damage and generate an estimate in accordance with the insurer’s parameters. Afterward, the software could audit the estimate to ensure that the claim is being paid properly.

Accurence pioneered this automated adjusting that delivers unprecedented efficiencies in the insurance claim workflow, builds homeowner trust, saves time for contractors, increases job profitability, and ultimately gets homeowners back to good after a loss.

The Accurence suite of Software as a Service (SaaS) products were rolled into the Next Gear product offerings after they were acquired by Next Gear and are still in use today.