I just finished a great course on Udemy where I learned additional skills in PHP programming.  The course is titled “Create a Website/CMS From Scratch in PHP.

In this class, I extended my understanding about using PHP to create an entire content management system.  The course involved building the entire CMS web site using PHP with a backend MySQL database.  I also acquired some excellent additional skills with using Dreamweaver CC to create PHP web content as this was the IDE that the instructor had us use to create the project.  The course included 51 lectures and was a little over 12 hours of online instruction time.

The following are the key learning points I obtained in this course:

  • Creating the website Layout (CSS & HTML)
  • Creating the Dynamic Website in PHP
  • Creating the databases & tables (MySQL)
  • Inserting the Data to the tables
  • Displaying the data on the website
  • Create custom search engine for this project
  • A related posts widget below the posts
  • Apply PHP code to secure the Admin Panel for the project
  • Create a commenting system for this project
  • Create custom web admin panel for Editing Posts, Editing Comments, Editing Categories using PHP
  • Create custom web admin panelDeleting Posts, Deleting Comments, Deleting Categories using PHP
  • Inserting Posts, Inserting Categories from the Admin Panel using PHP
  • Approving & Rejecting comments from Admin Panel
  • Login & Logout Systems for the Admin Panel
  • Uploading the Website to Online Web Server

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