Currently, I am watching the course Linux Foundation Certified SysAdmin (LFCS) on Linux Academy. The course is presented by Chad Miller. I’ve decided to try an experiment that I hope will aid in my retention of the material presented in the course. The method is known in the field of pedagogy as learning by teaching. According to Wikipedia, in German, the method is referred to as Lernen durch Lehren LdL. Learning by teaching has been a method used by educators for a long time. It was formerly defined by Jean-Pol Martin in the 1980s. I incorporated this method into lesson plans as a teacher without even knowing the formal definition or work done by Martin. To me, it just seemed a natural part of the learning process. However, when studying alone, as is often the norm when taking online courses, it is not always a method utilized by the lone learner. I believe that learning by teaching is something that would be beneficial to my studies. So, I’ve decided to try a similar approach by using my blog to ‘teach’ the material from the course. I am hopeful that this method will make the learning less isolated and more enriching for me AND in the process, I will produce some content that just might help someone else out there. Therefore, while watching the lessons on Linux Academy I will be sharing what I learn along the way in a series of posts.

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