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PHP Spell Checker

I have completed 102 of the 292 lessons in the Udemy course “Learn PHP Programming From Scratch.” The course has been great due to Alex Garrett’s (@alexjgarrett) excellent instruction.  The most recent section I completed was on How to Create a Spell Checker.  I enjoyed this series of lessons and decided to take a little extra time to enhance the Spell Checker beyond the basics of the lesson and post my finished product to my blog.

I actually changed a great deal of the underlying code and functionality. I used the PHP Data Objects (PDO) methods for connecting to the database. In addition, I decided to use a series of multidimensional  arrays to store the results of the words from the MySQL database. The end product has security checks  to ward of SQL injections and is styled to be responsive. If you’d like to try out the Spell Checker click the link or the image below.


Main Index Page for Spell Checker

Function Page for Spell Checker

Database Connection Page for Spell Checker

Style Sheet for Spell Checker

I had a great time doing this project! A big thank you to my fantastic instructor Alex Garrett.
Thanks for taking the time to check it out.

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