The first principal I ever worked with as a teacher, Mr. Simmons, had a sign hanging over his office door that stated:

If you believe, like me, that there are two types of jobs in the world, those jobs that work predominantly with people and those that work mostly with things, then you most certainly believe, as I, that those jobs involving working with people are more difficult.

The sign over his door went on to expound on its postulate:

Now if you also concede, like me, that there are two types of people jobs, those that work with adults and those that work with children you must believe that jobs involving working with children are much more difficult than those working with adults.

Ah, but alas, I failed to mention that there is one job that involves working with people and things. And this job must excel at working with adults and children. That job is TEACHER. And thus, that is why TEACHING is the most difficult job in the world.

So, be sure to #ThankATeacher today.

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