This project was inspired by one of my favorite sites, CSS-Tricks. They have this great feature design on the homepage of their site that displays their ten most recent posts. I decided that I wanted to try my hand at reproducing this feature. In this design, I lifted the color palette and some of the CSS of the design but the JavaScript functionality is something I worked out on my own. I also had to formulate a fair amount of the CSS as the CSS-Tricks site uses some custom frameworks and it was hard to peer into some of the CSS work so I had to wing it. I also had to use different fontography as the CSS-Trick site uses commercial fonts. I think I did a pretty good job of finding matching Google Fonts (Roboto, Lato, and PT Serif) for this project.

This project is a great example of using some of the effects that I wrote about in my post about transforming the origin of elements.

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